Know Before You Go: Mother-Son “Date Knight” at Chick-fil-a

I am so excited about Chick-fil-a’s mother-son “Date Knight.”   Initially, it was simply because I loved the idea of taking my 4-year-old son out to a location without his spicy little sister (and the name was cool too!)  But, the more I learned about the actual event, the more my excitement grew!

So, you know me!   I like to make sure we all “know before we go!” so I spoke to the amazing team promoting the event nationally to get the inside scoop on what we can expect at “Date Knight” on May 14th here in the DC area!  Here’s the deal:

1) Expect lots of Medieval Fun! Check out these cool pics from a past event in North Carolina!

2) Unique Activities planned for 4 locations! Were you lucky enough to make a reservation at either of these locations in La Plata, Brandywine, Fredericksburg or Silver Spring? If so, check out unique experiences planned just for YOU!!! (For the rest of us…no, we can’t switch our reservation now! Boooooo!)

Knighting Ceremony with the Knight from Maryland Renaissance Festival
Chick-fil-A in La Plata
107 Drury Dr.
La Plata, MD 20646

A Discussion on Chivalry with the Queen from Maryland Renaissance Festival
Chick-fil-A in Brandywine
16003 Crain Highway
Brandywine, MD 20613

Muscle Car Display and Balloon Artist
Chick-fil-A at Celebrate Virginia
1094 International Parkway
Fredericksburg, VA 22406

Court Jester, Horse and Costumed Staff
Chick-fil-A on Tech Road Silver Spring In-Line
12289 Tech Road
Silver Spring, MD 20904

3) Fun Conversation Starters: One of the main goals of this event is to get moms and sons to converse! Yes, we are going to have conversations beyond “How was school today?” and “Hey Ma, what’s for dinner?” So, every Mother-Son pair will receive a place mat with fun questions and topics to get the conversation started!  AND, you will receive a take-home booklet that provides ideas for future dates and questions that both moms and their sons can ask each other!

4) Free event; not free food: The event is free but your food is not included. So, don’t expect the usual “kids eat free” promotion that takes place weekly in various Chick-fil-a’s in the area!  But, I’m sure they are taking coupons!  I know I have one around here somewhere for a free chicken sandwich with a qualifying purchase!

5) Reservations Still Required: Reservations are no longer open for restaurants in the DC area but you must bring your reservation confirmation and a photo ID to the event!  I thought it was a great touch to include the name and photo of the owner of our local Chick-fil-a in the confirmation!  I like supporting companies that feel like family!  My husband still hasn’t gotten over the time time we walked into our neighborhood Chick-fil-a with the children (his first time) and they told us to have a seat, brought us a menu, took our order and payment from our booth, and brought our food to us (plus free refills!)  “This feels like a sit-down restaurant!” he said.  Yes, and for that, and so many other reasons, I *heart* Chick-fil-a!


So, now you have a sense of what to expect before you get there!  I just think this is such a special activity on the heels of Mother’s Day celebrations!   Maybe we can all commit to set aside some alone time with our sons (and daughters) individually each month!   Can you imagine the memories?  I’m adding it to the calendar now!


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