It’s All About You…finally!



Daddy and I just signed you up for your first dance class.  It is actually the first class that is just for YOU!  It’s not a class you are taking because RJ is in the same program.  It is not a class you are taking because they allow children Rae’s age as well.  It is a class that I researched and selected based on your interests, your passions, and your requests.  It is all about you…finally!

I actually shed a tear when I completed the online registration.  I realized that you have been so patient…patiently waiting for something that was all your own.  You’ve heard me say so often, “Rielle, I will look into it later” and you never cried, you never pouted.  You accepted it and, ever so often, asked when it was your turn.  Well, baby girl, the time has come.  This one is just for you.  And you will have a few of your favorite things: cute shoes (ballet and tap), cute dresses (purple of course), and maybe even lip gloss!

We love you, sweetheart!


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